Backstage Pass

Every week people from all walks of life email me (Pastor Peter) to get my thoughts on a wide variety of both church-related and personal issues.  Of course, due to the large volume of emails, I'm not always able to respond.  So, we’ve created Backstage Pass--it is nothing more than an online Q & A where I spend time answering some commonly asked questions. 

Keep in mind, this is an editorial column:  There's a difference between my opinions and Substance church’s' statement of faith.  And like all of you, my worldview is always evolving around my new experiences, both with you and with God's Word.  So feel free to email your questions or feedback to the staff:

Be blessed,
Pastor Peter Haas

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The Inside Scoop on Substance
Thoughts on the Church at Large
Pastor Peter in Person

The Inside Scoop on Substance

Do you consider yourself to be "Emergent"? "Emerging"? or "Postmodern"?

How do you define and respond to emergent theology?

Is Substance "seeker sensitive"?

            Do you believe churches are for Christians or for lost people?
            Do you preach inconvenient truths of scripture?
            Also see question:  How do you define church?

Catalyst: Substance’s Future Facility

What Charismatic expressions do you practice / permit?

Which expressions do you allow in which services?
What is your philosophy on church service length & why?
What are your thoughts on banners / shofar horns / tongues?

What is your church government?

Who holds you accountable?
Do you have intentional safeguards built into your organization?

Do you affiliate with any denomination?


Thoughts on the Church at Large

How do you define church?

What is the statistically healthiest church size?
What are your thoughts on home churches and mega-churches?
What are your thoughts on cell groups?
Download book: Progressive Cell Methodology

What are the Pros and Cons of Multi-site Church / Video Venues?

       How are these emerging church methods transforming the global church?

What is your view on Tithing and Financial stewardship?

Is tithing really a New Testament Principle?
How does Substance handle its financial stewardship?


           What do you think about the Health and Wealth Gospel?
           Also see What is your church government?

What is your opinion about Women in Ministry?

What is your greater philosophy on Church governance?

What are the pros & cons of every historical form of government?
How do we create a statistically healthy church that's free of politics?
Click here to download book: A Church Government Revolution

What is your extended theology on tongues prophecy, and miracles?

Click here to download book:  Skeptics Guide to Tongues and Prophecy

Pastor Peter in Person

What are your Hobbies and Interests?

What do you do in your free time?

What are your Meyers Briggs Personality results?

What are your themes for the Clifton's Strength's Finders?

How do you maintain a healthy family and relationship with God amidst your schedule and responsibilities?

How do you keep yourself spiritually strong?
How do you stay tight with your wife and kids?

What's your educational background?