It is more blessed to give than to receive. - Acts 20:35

We are blessed by your generosity! The Lord is doing amazing things through Substance Church. We are honored that you’ve partnered with us financially. If you are unable to find the specific giving information that you are seeking, please feel free to email or call 763-710-4337 and ask for a finance team member.


Online giving provides a fast, easy and secure way to give one-time gifts and scheduled gifts. You can also easily edit and delete your scheduled giving, view your giving history, and download your giving statements. Types of online giving accepted include: electronic check draft (ACH), debit card and all major credit cards.

Physical check or cash can be given at church during the offering time of the service. Please make checks payable to Substance Church and place in the offering container. If you use online bill pay or otherwise prefer to mail your gift please use the following address (please do not mail cash).

Substance Church
      P.O. Box 32830
      Fridley MN 55432

Mobile Giving allows you to give at any time while using your mobile device via text message. Please note in order to give using a text message you must first setup an account through a web browser. After an account is setup you can give by texting “give” to the number provided at your campus followed by the dollar amount you would like to give.

You can obtain a contribution statement by clicking here. If you are registering for the first time and no giving record appears, please contact and request your account be linked. Please note business and organization statements are not available online and the previous year’s statements will be mailed by the end of January the following year.

Substance offers two fund accounts: General and Vision Campaigns (Heart for the House and Love This City).

Giving Online to the General Fund

The general fund is for paying your tithes and offerings online.

Giving to Substance Church's Vision Campaigns

What are Vision Campaigns? These campaigns are for accomplishing the churches future vision. This includes:

  • New campuses
  • Existing campus upgrades
  • New missions work
  • New ministries
  • Local outreach
  • Other ministries or activities for which Substance Church is called to accomplish.

Subfunds at Substance Church

The subfund simply indicates the campus you attend:

You can choose the physical location you attend or if you watch our services online you can choose the online video subfund. If you attend multiple campuses please choose your home campus. Please note the account and subfund designations are for your accounting purposes only. Any contributions are solicited with the understanding that Substance Church, Inc., the donee organization, has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

You may need to disable your web browsers popup blocker. If you are not sure how to disable your popup blocker, you can try holding down the CTRL (for Windows) button while clicking on the Give Now button to temporarily disable the popup blocker feature.

Yes, you can schedule gifts for a onetime, weekly, twice per month or monthly occurrence. You can also set up as many scheduled contributions as you would like and cancel and modify the gifts at any time before the scheduled gift is processed.

Usually gifts are not able to be processed due to a mistake when entering your information or when your credit/ debit card has expired. Please verify you entered the correct information and your card has not expired.

Please do not pay fee payments through the online giving portal or place fee payments in the service offering as these payments will be processed as a gift and will not be applied to the amounts you owe. Please direct any fee payments to the department or ministry handling the activity either by mail or through the fee payment link sent via email (not to be confused with the online giving portal).

Generally, yes. Substance Church is an Internal Revenue Service determined 501(c)(3) which in most cases makes your gifts to Substance Church tax deductible for income tax reporting purposes. Cases in which you would not be able to deduct your contributions include, you do not itemize deductions on your tax return, payments made for the benefit of a specific individual (camp payments, concert tickets, fair market value of a silent auction item, etc.) and gifts exceeding any charitable contribution deduction limits imposed by the Internal Revenue Service (any gift exceeding 50% of adjusted gross income as of calendar year 2018).

Yes. When you login to your account to give you will notice the web address will change from http:// to https//:. This means any information you send is encrypted using SSL encryption technology. This security technology is the same technology that banks and major online retailers use. Please do not email your credit card information.

Yes, Substance has to pay merchant fees on all ACH, debit and credit card transactions. The merchant fee rates average about 0.5% of the gift for ACH, 2% of the gift for online credit card donations and 4% of the gift for mobile giving donations. All forms of payment have some type of fee or cost to process. If you are concerned about the church having to pay fees on your giving please give using your bank’s online bill pay service or place a physical check in the offering container.

Substance Church accepts non-cash gifts. To download the non-cash (in-kind) gift form please click here. Non-cash gift donations include but are not limited to stocks, bonds, land, and other personal property. Please do not make any donation without first completing the non-cash (in-kind) gift form and obtaining approval from the Finance Department.

Yes, Substance accepts gifts from third party organizations (corporate giving programs, donor advised funds, foundations, IRA qualified charitable distributions, etc.). In particular, many corporate giving programs will match your payroll deduction gift, and this channel of giving is an excellent way for your gift dollars to go further. Restrictions may apply so please consult your employer’s human resource department, financial advisor, etc. for more information. Please note documentation for tax reporting purposes for gifts made through a third party organization must be obtained from the corresponding third party organization.

You can view the church financial statements by clicking below on the provided links. Financial statements are updated online every six months (through January 31 for half year, and through July 31 for full year). Please allow up to 45 days after the end of the reporting period for updated financials to be made available. The Substance Church fiscal year begins August 1 and ends July 31. Half year statements generally will not contain end of year adjustments (depreciation, etc.). Financials are produced by outside accounting firm Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Statement of Position

Statement of Activities

To increase the security of your giving transaction, information tokens are used as a substituted for your account information. When you receive this error the old information can remain on your electronic device memory. To resolve this problem please delete your browser history or use a different browser or electronic device.