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Where Substance is at, what we are doing, and where we are going.

Heart for the House is an opportunity for us to share our heart and vision for Substance, to share with you what your investment and involvement is doing here in the Twin Cities and around the world, and to share with you some of the incredible things that we are dreaming about!

Honestly, we have never been more excited about the future of Substance! In the midst of everything that our church has dealt with these past couple of years, the fruitfulness we have seen and experienced is nothing short of supernatural - and we can’t wait to share it all with you! As you go through this booklet, you will read about Substance Church, Substance Studios, Substance Leaders, and what God is doing through several incredible mission organizations that we partner with throughout the year. We always want to be thinking global and acting local!

At the end of the day, our vision is this: we want to help people know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and begin making a difference in the world around them. Just imagine if every person in our church discovered their new best friends and a ministry that made them come alive - and invited everyone they know to find the same . . . we will see revival in our day!

We love you Substance, and we truly believe that our best days are ahead! We want to invite you to jump into the adventure of building God’s church with us!


In the last two years we have launched a Westside Campus, adopted Monterrey, MX as the first Substance International campus, seen hundreds of salvations and miracles within our campuses and small groups, scaled up the impact of our local food resourcing ministries (Manna Market & Love This City), and launched Best Summer Ever small groups focusing on our kids and youth.


Currently, we are working on the final stages of a permanent facility for Substance Monterrey as well as planning mission trips for the summer and fall, working on media, tech, and aesthetic upgrades to our Twin Cities campuses, strategizing next-gen discipleship and leadership roadmaps for kids and youth, and searching for a permanent location for our Westside Campus.


We are dreaming about a Dream Center outreach facility in Downtown Minneapolis, out of state campuses, and strategizing and planning an East Metro Campus.


In the last two years we have launched the Substance Online campus, published Substance I/O & Substance Variant as well as officially published Pharisectomy in Arabic. We have also created hundreds of resources to help other churches thrive in digital spaces.


Currently, we are working on Pastor Peter's NEWEST books & resources on Church Governance as well as a special re-release of Pharisectomy for its 10 year anniversary.


We are dreaming about new projects with music, books, & media, creating internship tracks for music, worship, and media, and launching a Substance Publishing House.


In the last two years we have launched the Substance Leadership Pipeline, resourced other churches on leader development, facilitated dozens of pastors' conferences in conjunction with ARC, created space to discuss race and diversity, and marriage ministry.


Currently, we are working on a software platform that helps church members create a discipleship roadmap for themselves and their families as well as creating a coalition of churches to contribute to the platform, paving the way for digital church. We are also working on developing leadership tracks for kids, youth, and college students.


We are dreaming about launching Christian schools (daycare, K-12, a college) and expanding our ministry internship opportunities.


Since the pandemic began, we have recovered 447,133 pounds of food and are serving nearly 5,000 households monthly. Even more, we are seeing consistency in relationships with our Downtown neighbors. People are moving from receiving food, to helping serve food, and then to attending small groups & church.


Since the pandemic began, we have recovered 8,816,115 pounds of food and have given 222,658 total people groceries. We are seeing lots of people receiving prayer and be invited into community, small groups, and church attendance.


In 2022, Foster One provided over 1,300 child specific Christmas gifts. This year, Foster One is projecting to provide over 5,000 gifts.

In the first 2 quarters of 2023, We served 166 families (244 children) with an economic impact of $22,000. We are on pace to double the reach from 2022 to 2023.

We support our local foster community through the Foster One Storehouse: a storehouse full of resources for young children and foster families that receive a placement with little to no notice, Wrap Around Teams: Teams built to support and prevent the burnout of Foster Families (50% of foster parents will not continue after the first placement leaves; through the support that Foster One provides we have seen 89% of foster families continue on to their second, third, and fourth placements.)


We know that investing in the next generation of kids, youth, & college students means that we are investing in Christian education initiatives.


As Substance prepares to launch schools of its own, we have been aligning with and learning from highly successful schools who are already a step ahead. Thus, we’ve been partnering with some of the more innovative Christian schools in the country. In fact, Substance staff have been teaching at each of these institutions! We believe the day is soon coming where these institutions (and others like these) will soon synchronize with our leadership pipelines.