Faithfulness in the Face of Fear

For if one of them falls, the other can help him up. But it is hard for the one who falls when there is no one to lift him up.

Ecclesiastes 4:10

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is faithfulness. As a chaplain, I have prayed with many who have had to deal with cancer and have wondered what my attitude would be if I were in their place.  Would I walk in faith or fear?

This past fall, a routine mammogram ended up sending me on for more scans, an ultrasound, 12 biopsies, and eventually a surgery. The doctors rated me a 4 on a scale of 5 that I would likely walk this life-altering diagnosis. I’ve experienced deep fear before, but this time was totally different.

I called on my community to help me navigate this frightening new journey. My husband, four adult kids and their spouses, the Substance Moms lead team, and many friends were praying for me. And over the course of five weeks of scary uncertainty, I profoundly experienced the faithfulness of a multitude who helped me stay standing.

Heaven was flooded, and the result of those prayers supernaturally carried me. I’ve never experienced anything like it before! I literally felt like I was being held up by each shoulder so I wouldn’t fall into a pit of sobbing despair as I went through the rounds of testing, biopsies, and surgery. My community of loved ones went into action on my behalf…. and it mattered.  

There were definitely moments when satan whispered intense fearful thoughts and my mind moved from peace to anxiety … and then on to planning my own funeral. But more than once, all of a sudden an encouraging prayerful text would arrive, and I was reminded that I could trust in God’s provision, regardless of the outcome.

And the end result? Thank you, JESUS, there was no cancer! I hit my knees thanking him for his protection and the community of loved ones who stood by me!

So often people think that the answer to our prayers is the miracle at the end.  But my experience showed me that the answer to our prayers begins the very moment we utter our first word to Jesus. I lived Ecclesiastes 4:10. I was the one falling down, and my faithful community helped me stay standing through their prayers and encourgaement. I absolutely could NOT have done that alone.

Journal/Reflection Questions:

1. When have you been the one “falling down”? Who helped you stay standing? Tell them what that meant to you. It will encourage them in their faith journey.

2. Who do you know who is struggling that you can text, call, or see in order to show them that they’re not alone?

Listening Prayer Exercise: Ask Jesus: “Please help me to look back at difficult times and show me how YOU helped me stay standing through faithful promises in your word. Show me ways that I can support someone and lift them up.”

Kathy Morgan has been married to her best friend, Bob, for over 37 years. Together they have four grown, married, children and seven grandchildren. Kathy is a Hospital Chaplain and loves mentoring women, hosting ministry events in her home, prayer, cooking, reading historical Biblical fiction, and eating all forms of potatoes.

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