Preparing for Christmas when you can’t see your toes

Yes, you read that title correctly! 🤣 2020 has brought a rollercoaster of emotions, along with a beautiful gift of pregnancy. My little guy is due to arrive December 31st, which means I’ve entered the enormous phase of pregnancy and can barely see my toes! But with immense effort, I was able to paint them a festive red with help from my “little elves” (aka my toddler girls) to help kick off Advent this year.



My size has obviously slowed me down, so I figured out some ways to make the most out of this beautiful Christmas Season and I want to share them with you!


1) Gift Wrapping: Wrapping gifts can be done by the kids. I’m a horrible gift wrapper and honestly my girls and my husband can do a better job than I can. Straddling a present with a roll of wrapping paper and tape will be a struggle this year, so this will be a perfect craft time opportunity for the girls!

2) Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is my best friend. I used to go all out with different Christmas cookies for a fun festive treat, but hot chocolate is easy and satisfying — a win-win when I don’t have the energy to make homemade treats. Add some whipped cream, sprinkles, and peppermint flavored marshmallows (yes, they exist!) and you have an instant and easy hot cocoa bar.

3) Celebrating the Birth of Jesus: We try to use the term “Jesus’s Birthday” in our house more often than saying Christmas, so the girls remember the true meaning of Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve, we throw a birthday party with balloons, a birthday cake, and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. This is a tradition I grew up with and have loved passing it down to my kids.

4) Decorating the Tree: I 100% let my two and four year old girls hang the ornaments this year. This means the top of the tree is bare and the ornaments are lacking symmetry, but that is totally fine. I let my OCD with ornaments take a back seat this year and let the girls have all the fun! To that end, I will let them (and my husband) take everything down! #winwin


All in all, my desire is that you find God’s love and joy in celebrating the birth of our King of Kings (no matter how big your belly is! 😂) This year has taught me to slow down and appreciate what truly matters … our relationship with our Lord and Savior. May you find his peace and embrace this most wonderful time of the year. 


Danielle Van Peursem lives near Lake Minnetonka with her husband, two little girls, and 90 pound labrador retriever. Danielle works as a Marketing Manager for Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation, and loves helping her community. With balancing the working mom life, she enjoys all the snuggles from her girls, boating with her family, and croissants and endless chai tea! You can connect with her on Instagram @daniraelene.

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