Your Child is God’s Child

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t be good enough as a mom. I don’t have the right kind of everlasting patience, boundless energy, or the exceptional wisdom it takes to raise children well. But then my Heavenly Father nudges my heart and reminds me that these children are actually his children too. And he reminds me that he said that if I don’t have enough wisdom, I can ask my generous God and he will give it to me. He will not rebuke me for asking (James 1:5 paraphrased).

God gave me these specific children, at this exact time in my life, and guess what? He’s totally prepared for every challenge those children bring! I’ve been chosen to raise them, but they are his, and he cares even more about their hearts and futures than I do. My job, then, is to help them realize that they are truly his children … and what a wonderful thing that is!

I pray that today God helps me to remember the things He has asked me to do, as opposed to what things are his job. But as for me…

I can go into her dark room and turn on the lights to console the fearful one, showing her truth to counteract the fear … but God can give her bravery and love to banish fear completely.

I can catch the one who is afraid of nothing, every time she falls because her dreams are so much bigger and faster than her legs … and God can help her body and mind grow into the dreams he has for her.

I can console the perfectionist, and assure her that mistakes are a necessary part of life, and hold her when she cries … but God will hold her heart and infuse it with the courage to try again and again and again until she finally achieves victory!

I will address the temper every time it flares out of control and help her control her body when it wants to cause pain … but God is the one who can give her the strength to be angry without hurting others.

I can demonstrate kindness and teach the importance of treating others with love while valuing every person … but God is the one who can take that tiny seed and make it grow into a “heart-vine” that is full of fruit.

I can refuse to worry, but instead pray about everything; I can tell God what I need and thank him for all He has done … and yet God is the one who will fill me with his peace, which exceeds anything I can understand. (Philippians 4:6-7, paraphrased)

So today, Lord, I will not worry about my children, but I will pray for them. I need you to do your Heavenly Dad thing in their hearts. Thank you so much for giving me your treasured little ones. Thank you for promising to love them with even more love than I could possibly give them. Give me the strength I need to do my part, and the courage to leave the part I cannot do in your awesome, loving, and capable hands. Fill me with your peace, which can happen even when it doesn’t make any sense. I love you. (Yes, I know you loved me first!)


Scripture meditations:

James 1:5

Philippians 4:6-9

Journal/Reflection Questions:

How is God “parenting” your children?

Anita grew up in Belize as a missionary kid. She has lived in 3 countries and traveled on 5 continents but can’t resist the allure of subzero winters so she now lives in MN with her Egyptian husband and two daughters. She loves God, unreached people groups, and pretending to be trendy by drinking coffee and documenting it on Instagram @savethecamels.

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