Be a Peacemaker

As a young mom of four, I was fiercely protective of my kids. I would have happily thrown mattresses in front of them for the rest of their lives to keep them safe, if I could have. And here I am, decades later, and that instinct hasn’t changed! I want to protect them (as well as their spouses and my nine grandkids) physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s Mama Bear (and “Mimi” Bear), right there.

With the sweet days of summer coming to a close and school starting, I am reminded of when my little ones were going out the front door and I needed to release them. It gave me great anxiety back then, but I learned from a dear friend to ask Jesus to put his armor on each of my little ones (Ephesians 6:10-17) and let … them … go. And that was what I did. 

Freedom came with that choice. Finally, I was letting God be in charge. But I had to do it again every day because Mama Bear would reappear and I would want to take matters into my own hands again!

So before they left for school, I would make a cross sign on their forehead and said, “Be a Peacemaker.” They came to expect it.  Sometimes even reminding me, “Do the cross, mom!”

In recent weeks, I’ve been pondering that phrase: “Be a peacemaker.” Why did I choose that one? There are so many things one could say to their children as they are leaving: God bless you, make good choices…But over and over I said, “Be a peacemaker.” It just came out. 

Because there is so much heartache out in the world, I wanted our home to be a refuge. A place of peace. I wanted our kids to be lovers, not fighters. When they fought at home, I would remind them that the world could be harsh but at home we needed to know that our family would always be safe for one another. God’s peace was here.

In the Bible, Matthew 5:9 says: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Jesus brings peace to our spirit as we choose him. So I see being a peacemaker as loving people with Jesus’ love. Bringing his peace to the hurting. Providing a refuge. Whether you are an adult or a child, Jesus asks us to choose to be peacemakers.

Being a mom of adults, I can no longer manage their lives, make their boundaries, or try to direct their choices (even though I’d like to). And the same goes for my grandbabies! It has taken some time to grasp that I am not in charge. I can pray, but I can’t bubble-wrap. 

My heart to protect my family hasn’t changed just because they’re not physically in my home, so I must continue to pray God’s armor over them and trust that he can protect them better than I ever could. And I pray that each of those peacemakers are headed out into their world to point others to Jesus, the true refuge.

Journal/Reflection Questions:

  1. As you daily release those that you love, what blessing could you speak over them?
  2. Are there areas of your life that Jesus is asking you to hand over to him to handle so that his peace can enter your spirit?

Listening prayer:

Tell Jesus: “Lord, my family is yours first. Please help me to release them to you. I trust you to place your armor on them, protect them, walk with them and bless them in the day that you’ve given them. I pray that they will be peacemakers for You.”

Kathy Morgan has been married to her best friend, Bob, for over 38 years. Together they have four grown, married children and 9 grandchildren. Kathy is a Hospital Chaplain and loves mentoring women, hosting ministry events in her home, prayer, cooking, reading historical Biblical fiction, and eating all forms of potatoes.

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