Bearing Witness

Throughout the scriptures we’re called to the ministry of “bearing witness”. When you look up this phrase in the Webster Dictionary it says, “Having seen, stood as a witness of signing agreement or experienced something”. In the Old Testament, believers recited portions of Scripture to each other to reaffirm their faith and tell the other generation how powerful God proved himself to be. 


As New Testament believers, we’ve been given the Holy Spirit to help us with that, yet the command is still the same.


Go and be my witnesses throughout the world. Tell people from all nations, tongues, and various backgrounds so that they will hear and get to believe and put their faith in the only one who can save their souls (Matthew 28:18, my paraphrase).


We all have preconceived ideas about “bearing witness” and how it should take place, sound, or be. Somehow we believe that the evangelistic sharing of the gospel is for the elite chosen ones, like Billy Graham. (Although, I would argue that some of us were given a special gift in that area to be more effective.) 


However, the calling is for all of us, and the command is the same: to give an account of what God has done in our lives. In modern language we call this our testimony. And if you have met Jesus, he most certainly has done something in your life so you DO have a testimony! It’s just that a lot of times we overthink it; we don’t say or act in a way the Holy Spirit wants us to when we’re around non-believers, so the opportunity passes us by.


For instance, 2020 has brought us so many changes and has ushered in so many unexpected events and heartaches. This has forced me, personally, to throw aside my mundane, well-rehearsed Christian lifestyle. I now recklessly throw myself in pursuit of God, to trust him deeper and to grow in my dependency on him like I never have before. 


As a result I’ve matured in my knowledge and understanding of who he is, and thus my bearing of witness has become more natural. Now I am being given countless opportunities at Manna Market to flex that evangelistic muscle, which has helped me understand the heart of God.  



Just as you and I are his children, so are the wandering, hurting, and lost ones. They may be drawn in by their practical need or hurt but then discover their very big need for God in their life. By simply sharing what I’ve learned from my own various trials, I am now able to share God’s truths and promises in a different way  (For example, 2 Corinthians 1:4 has taken on a new meaning for me as I serve at Manna Market.)


In Isaiah 43:5-7, God encourages us with his presence and affirms us with a reminder that it is his job to bring them to himself:


“I will bring your descendants from the east, and gather you from the west. I will say to the north: Give them up! And to the south: Do not hold back! Bring my sons from far away, and my daughters from the ends of the earth – everyone called by my name and created for my glory. I have formed him, indeed, I have made him.” 


You see?! He’s calling people in, and reaching out for everyone. He does not miss the mark. You can’t mess that up. So rest assured…God’s got this! This allows us to release our worry over “not saying things right”, so we can just rest in the true privilege of echoing God’s words to someone else.


Therefore, let us not lose heart, or somehow disqualify ourselves by our own insecurity, because it’s a win-win situation! You obey (win), someone gives their life to Christ (win), you deepen your faith and trust in him by watching God move (double win!) 


So loved one, don’t stand on the sidelines any longer. God’s inviting you to be part of his redemption plan in the world. In spite of these unprecedented times, God is highlighting the church, so let us shine even brighter! Not as the church building, but as individuals who are representing him.


Journal / Reflection Questions

  1. Begin by giving thanks to God for the salvation you received and how far he has already brought you. Make a simple outline and write down a few of the major things he has done. (This will deepen your faith as you rehearse his goodness!)
  2. Is there anything holding you back from sharing what God has done in your life? Remember Hebrews 12:1 and run your race with perseverance.
  3. Who can you share your testimony with today? (And as Nike says, “Just do it!”)


Kasha Jankowski is a mom to two bigs and two littles and is originally from Poland and speaks three languages! She enjoys cultural diversity, food and music, and is even more passionate about loving God and loving people.

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