Get. Back. Up. (with confidence)

Recently I arrived early to pick up my daughter from soccer practice after nursery school. Although…calling it practice is a loose interpretation of the word as it’s basically a cluster of three and four year olds running around on an old church basement basketball court while a young co-ed attempts to wrangle too many kids into some semblance of order. It’s chaos. Let’s be honest. 

Yet while this weekly exercise tends to mimic herding unruly cats, the kids are generally having a fun time laughing and running around. But last week as I stood watching the happenings progress, a slightly older boy ran up behind my daughter, aggressively grabbed her arm and then shoved her to the ground — even though the ball, along with all the other children, were yards away from her across the gym.

As I watched shock and hurt scroll across my daughter’s face, the protective mother in me was immediately angry. The NERVE of that kid. I jumped up and was about to storm the “field” to handle the situation, only my daughter beat me to it. 

As her knees hit the ground she snarled – yes, actually SNARLED as her lip curled up – and shook the kid off. Then she got back up and went running around with her friends again.

For her, the moment was immediately forgotten by the time I could process the entire scene. Sure she had registered the injustice of the incident, but she then moved on to something better; which for her was giggling about rainbows and horses while sprinting around in a tight circle for no apparent reason. Yet I was still frustrated and upset! For whatever reason, the scene I witnessed and the unfairness of it gave me pause.

Why did that even need to happen? Why isn’t that kid getting into trouble? It’s not fair! 

And isn’t that how life goes? We are going about our lives, doing our best to thrive, until someone or something comes seemingly out of nowhere to kick us down. 

But unlike my daughter, I often perseverate on the injustice or unfairness or the very fact that life is not always an easy path. In fact, often times after life’s swift kick to my shins I allow myself to stay downtrodden longer than I should. I might even wallow in my righteous angst for a (long) bit. 

But that isn’t what God has for us. Instead, he tells us to GET. BACK. UP. And not only that, but to get back up with confidence. Because he’s got us. Always. 

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16, NIV).

Last week, as my anger simmered and I considered making a maternal scene at a soccer practice for toddlers, I heard God whisper: Hold on a moment and watch your baby girl. She is strength. She is fearlessness. She is representing what I want for you: an unbridled confidence in your God-given power to get back up every time you fall, no matter the circumstances.

And so I will.

Journal / Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you do when you find yourself knocked to your knees? Do focus on the hardness of life, or do you turn to God?
  2. Where do you find your confidence? Is it in God?

Annie and her husband live in Minneapolis with their two kids and elderly cat. After an extensive tenure working in the fashion industry for a major retailer, Annie opened her own wardrobe and interior styling company, Hudson & Wilde. She is passionate about creating community, and she also loves to read, write, drink coffee, exercise, and travel. Connect with her on Instagram @aevelsizer and @hudsonandwilde!

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