Happy “Householder” Day!

November 3rd is National Housewives Day! This calls for a mega celebration! But let’s be real for a minute. Did any of you even know this day existed?


The term housewife was coined in the 13th century and was derived from the German word huswif which means, a married woman in charge of a family or house; or a householder.


I like this idea of being a “householder”, especially since the term housewife is so outdated. Today there are certainly moms who stay home with their kids, but there are lots who wipe butts and have a side hustle. Some moms may work part-time or full-time, but regardless of those terms (SAHM, WAHM, etc.) we are ALL  “householders,” right? So this day is for you!



Let’s all celebrate the diapers you’ve changed and the laundry you’ve done; the plans made to obtain all of the ingredients for three meals a day (plus snacks and beverages) 365 days a year — that’s 5,475 meals in 5 years! Some of you do yard work, clean your house, manage the budget or pay the bills, work on multiple projects at once, AND in this year of COVID19, you’ve all just added teaching to your resume!


A “householder” never gets a break and is an expert juggler. Come on now, you know that closing the bathroom door doesn’t go unnoticed by your little ones…How many times have you hopped in the shower only to have your child pounding on the door screaming, “I need to come in NOW!”


All moms must be extremely flexible, too. Have any of you found yourselves in the store walking away from a cart full of groceries because your 3-year old is having a meltdown and you’ve just exclaimed, “One more time and we’re leaving!” This actually means you HAVE to leave – now! – because all moms must follow through.


It’s likely that this day will come and go with little fanfare. No balloons or presents will appear, but you’re ok with that. It’s your presence that counts. If asked, you would do all the hard work over again! Because you have been there when your toddler took her first step, or when your son crawled onto your lap to tell you that you’re the best mom ever! It’s in the little things. Heck! It’s when that child finally wipes their own butt! (Just keeping it real.)


So, on this “Householder” Day, may all of you moms know that you are honored and appreciated. All the women who have been in your shoes know that you are due a million accolades! My prayer today is that God will ALWAYS give you glimpses into the joy set before you and that you would see many blessings today. May you be filled with encouragement, joy, and refreshment every day! And if you have a spare moment (ha!) read Proverbs 31:10-31. Let God’s Word sink in and give you a moment of peace.


Ok, your time is up. Someone needs you! 


Cindy Dullum and her husband live in Blaine. She enjoys spending time with family, camping, writing, studying God’s Word, and being creative. She has a passion to see women grow in their faith and encourage each other.


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