Lessons from the Chicks

My son and his wife asked my husband and I to stay at their house this summer and watch their chickens. They live on 30 acres nestled back in the woods, north of the cities. It’s quiet and peaceful.


But those chickens! Let me tell you, they are independent yet dependent! And their personalities were so funny. There was a Bossy one, a Sneaky One, a Loud one…But as I watched those chickens, I realized that they were teaching me a few lessons (surprising enough), so I thought I’d share them with you:


  • Wake up early! These chickens are awake by 5:30 am. They run down their ladder to the grass below, ready and excited to be alive and free. So, too, should be our approach to greet God each day (even if we aren’t morning people ☕️).


  • Wait for the open door. Those chicks were always ready in the morning waiting by the door when I got to the coop. They were ready, willing, and overwhelmed at the chance to be free! God is always working out something good in our lives — always be ready for the open door!


  • Be unique. Be yourself. Be different. Each one of these birds had a different personality and the same is true for us!


  • Seek God’s protection. The chickens loved their freedom, roaming the grass and the edge of the woods, eating the bugs. But life’s lessons had already taught them that there are hawks and eagles scanning the area for easy prey. There used to be 12 chickens and now there are 10! God wants us to be free but he always wants to go with us on our adventures so he can protect us. Stay close to him, and you will sense the enemy’s presence that much quicker.


  • Better Together! Like we do church, community is much better together! These chickens went everywhere together. Even when the littlest one would get left behind, he would squawk and cry as if to say, “Don’t forget about me!” Let’s not forget about “the little one” either — the person we notice who might not have community. Maybe invite her to your small group. That invitation could make all the difference in her life!


  • Rest. This is my favorite lesson! The chicks go to bed….on their own! No coaxing or shushing or bribing. By 9:00pm, we would walk out to the coop and they would already be in their roosting area, safe in their home. Similarly, rest is good for our soul. God knows we need it, so surrender each day to him and lie down and sleep, knowing that God will keep you safe (Psalm 4:8).



All in all, our time at our son’s house was enjoyable. I didn’t write as much as I had hoped or finish my blog set-up, but my week with those chickens taught me a lot. Always be on the lookout for God’s lessons in surprising places. You won’t want to miss them!


Cindy Dullum and her husband live in Blaine. She enjoys spending time with family, camping, writing, studying God’s Word, and being creative. She has a passion to see women grow in their faith and encourage each other. 



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