My Sheep Hear My Voice

Do you long to hear God’s voice?

Take heart, he is speaking to you. From Genesis to Revelation, God repeatedly reveals himself to people through things like dreams, visions, metaphors, angels, his audible voice, and a burning bush. All throughout scripture, he demonstrates his heart’s desire to reveal himself to his children.

I believe God always has something to say to us; it’s always hopeful, and it’s always wrapped in love. This proved true for me many years ago during a long and painful season in my life. It was his voice — speaking love, speaking truth, and speaking encouragement — that sustained me.

Love, truth and encouragement are always available to us from our Father whenever we need them. He wants us to know how great his affection is for us. He wants us to experience encouragement and hope in our difficult seasons. And he wants us to walk in the truth of who we are so that we can become all he has created us to be!

Learning to hear him takes time, practice, vulnerability, and trust. The means by which he can speak to us are limitless! He once used my bathroom sink to speak to me! (I know that sounds odd, but it was a truly profound moment. Ask me about it sometime ☺). But far and away the most unfailing way to encounter him will always be in his word.

In John 10, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” He invites us to hear his voice and follow him. Where will he take us? Into the truth of who we are. Into the abundant life he offers us. And into the all-consuming love of the Father’s heart.

Will we go with him?

Scripture Meditation:

John 10:27-28

Journal / Reflection questions:

1. How have you heard God speak in the past? Do you dream, see pictures, or have scriptures come to your mind for yourself and for others? Are you hungry for more? Consider creating a listening prayer journal where you record the things he has spoken to you.

2. Consider spending a portion of your devotional time each day in listening prayer. God wants to speak love, truth, and encouragement to you. Do you need a fresh revelation of his love for you? Do you need to hear his truth in areas where lies have taken root? Is there an area where you have become discouraged? Hold those before him and allow him to speak to you. Then journal what he shows you.

Holli Aparicio is a wife and homeschooling mom to Lydia (11) and Sofia (10). She is passionate about equipping others to encounter God in prayer and to learn to hear his voice. She loves the mountains, the ocean, blue skies, and sunny days (which is why she enjoys taking frequent vacations in the winter ☺). She lives with her family in Maple Grove, MN.

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