Welcome to my Parenting Resource Page:

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of blogs and teachings on parenting. So, I’m starting to scrap them all together into a singular page of resources! If you know of a message I’ve done that isn’t here, let me know!


How Vacations can save your Marriage (and your Kids)! How long has it been since you vacationed apart from your young kids? Many young couples say: “We can’t afford to do that?” But experience has shown me, you can’t afford to NOT take vacations apart from kids. But how can we make it work?

Three Habits that will Instantly Improve your Parenting (& How to be a Better Son or Daughter) – Over the years, I’ve talked to a lot of overwhelmed parents who’ve realized they’ve “gotten behind” in the game of parenting, so here are three keystone habits that will have a huge impact!

How can I be a better Son or Daughter to my Parents: A lot of people had parents who were “less than stellar.” So how does a person “reverse parent?” Or, how does a person find an “adoptive mom or dad” through God’s church? What might this look like?

How to Handle Dating as a Parent (without losing your mind) –  A lot of people ask me: How did you talk to your kids about dating and sex at various ages? Well, it was completely different when they were in 5th grade verses high school. But, here’s a detailed account of a few of the conversations we had with each of our kids at certain ages!

Top Five Must-Read Parenting Books: Those of you who know my wife know, she’s a “Mommy-ologist.” She’s read hundreds of parenting books. In fact, she was so obsessive about them that, for a ten year period, it was rare that she wasn’t carrying a parenting book with her at all times! Here are a few of her picks for young parents.


“Learning the Spirit of Sonship” (Perspective Pt. 5) What does Biblical parenting actually look like? Many parents miss the greatest opportunities to impact their kids. And many kids miss the greatest opportunities to experience divine acceleration. So, how can we be better parents as well as better sons or daughters? In this profound message on mentoring, Pastor Peter gives us a model of discipleship that can have a profound affect our spiritual promotion (Prov. 13:22; Malachi 4:6). 2019-10(Oct)20


“The Multiplied Life” (First Wednesday May 2022) – Did you know, over 75% of church kids will walk away from Christ when they graduate from high school. This alarming statistic has grown higher and higher over the last couple decades. But the the good news is that, there are a few simple habits that will change everything. Find out what the 25% are doing differently to become the exception to the rule. And find out what Substance is doing to change all of this, in this “Vision Update” message from May 2022.


A Seed Among Thorns”   (Part 3 of the series, Input/Output) – What does a great discipler look like? Why are some parents so successful while others aren’t? After sharing numerous parenting stories, Pastor Peter meditates on the parable of the seed and the sower. Do you have the time and the fellowship necessary to enable God’s Word to thrive in you and those around you? (Prov. 24:3-4; Mark 4:18). Oct. 22, 2017


“Open the Door” (Part 1 in the Series Home Improvement) – What does Spiritual and Relational poverty really look like? Many of us are afflicted with a very narrow definition of success. And as a result, we fail to see all of the great plans that God has for our Families, finances and physical bodies. But most people who live in spiritual poverty can’t see it. So, how do we know if we’re one of them? (Revelation 3:17-21).  2-11-18