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Leader Training Videos

1) Why Subgroups Matter (Jeff Zaugg)
2) Rookie Mistakes (Rob Champion)
3) Promotion/Marketing (Bill Svoboda)
4) Goal Setting (Kim Bass)
5) Group Dynamics (Roger Stoesz)
6) Hosting 101 (Sarah Legband)
7) Be a Multiplier (Andrew Ballard)
8) Conducting the Orchestra (Connie Hoffman) Hosting a Subgroup is like conducting an orchestra; the guests are the members you are directing. Hopefully the fun, laughter and relationships are the music produced.
9) Leadership and the Importance of Follow-Through (Nankya Senungi)
10) Part of the Gospel Story (Justin Greiman) Conceptualize your group not as a sub-structure within a church, but the planting of a movement that is a continuation of the gospel story.
11) Band-Aids on Headaches (Nate Banker) How do we keep ministry and personal healing in their proper place and meet those deep needs without making ministry a way to cover over or ignore our wounds?
12) Dealing with the 4D’s (Connie Hoffman)  How to nurture, encourage and love well the difficult people who find their way into your group.
13) Peacocks at a Zebra Party (Rick Glewwe) Learn intentional ways to make sure people feel welcomed and included in your Subgroup. Identify who feels like an outcast, the most alone, or alienated. How to show their worth by your example of care.
14) Don’t Skip Leg Day (Drew Shepp) We often focus the visible aspects of leadership (charisma, growth, platform size, etc.) at the expense what actually gives power, stability, and sustainability to our leadership.